New Release
May 6, 2024
min read

Enhanced Growth Predictions

Mattias Svensson

After weeks of dedicated effort, we're thrilled to unveil the latest advancements in Bioplan's short-term growth models. This update brings significant improvements that empower you to make informed decisions based on more accurate data.

What's New

  • Improved Prediction Accuracy: Our revamped model now delivers more precise growth predictions, both at the aggregated level and for individual fish groups. This enhancement ensures that you can rely on the best available data to drive your decisions.
  • Enhanced Robustness: The updated model is highly resilient to fluctuations in historical growth data. It generates more stable predictions, providing you with confidence when synchronizing your plans over time.
  • Data Quality Warnings: Recognizing the importance of data quality, we've implemented clearer warnings to alert you when the quality of your data is compromised. These warnings prompt proactive investigation into current growth trends, ensuring the integrity of your analyses.

Get Started Today

The new model is now live! To experience its benefits, simply:

  • Enable it in your company's global settings.
  • Alternatively, enable it for specific plans.

Once enabled, the new model will then be used when you sync your plan(s) with historical production data.