The new standard for modern planners

Meticulous design, breathtaking speed and opinionated yet flexible workflows, Bioplan unlocks your team’s full potential. It is the tool of choice for high-performance teams to plan better.
Contribution margin real-time monetary value behind your decisions
Card tags with growth, mortality and lice levels
Harvest recommendations use our AI-suggested harvests
Drag and drop cards manually to adjust short term capacity
Bar graph displaying in real-time your concession utilization
Add, move and remove actions. harvests, inputs, delausing, transfers
Scrollable table with actions grouped by region, sites and cages
Flexible resolution day or week grouping
Easy editing just in-cell type to add action and its value
Model status evaluates your growth models and triggers warnings
Filter and site grouping that is calculated while you plan harvest
Concession utilization and harvest volume
Interactive biomass graphs click to add action and watch growth change
Plotted KPIs like expected revenue, harvest volume or avg. harvest weight
Notifications about your plan and possible issues
Built-in support chat with us directly in an application
Compare plans biomass, concession utilization or average harvest weight
One-click optimization that will automatically create harvests and inputs