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Data driven decision support
Ease of use
Web based solution easily available from any location. Modern, visual and intuitive user interface simplify comparison and supports flow and efficiency.
Open exchange
Bioplan brings relevant data from all available sources, with seamless transfer to and from your preferred software platforms while ensuring the highest possible security for your data.
Models and forecasting
Bioplans automatically generated forecasting models for growth and mortality has proven to increase accuracy of weight and count forecasts significantly compared to standard models.
Our state of the art optimization model is developed through long term collaboration with farming companies, and works continously to identify the unused potentials of your value chain
Ease of use
Bioplan is an intuitive and user friendly planning tool allowing you to explore, compare and visualize new scenarios in seconds. It also helps you identify fish groups in need of special attention related to sea lice, growth performance, regulatory considerations etc. Bioplan also comes with integrated functionality for systemizing and simplifying communication around plan dispositions with all people involved.
Open and automized exchange
Based on functional API's and open standards Bioplan collects data from where the best quality may be found, being directly from online sensors, cloudbased exchange platforms or traditional production databases. Thus, Bioplan provides a seamless and secure flow of data regardless of platform or production system.
Models and forecast
Bioplans automatically generated forecasting models for growth and mortality has proven to reduce margin of error for weight and count forecasts compared to standard models. The models enable evaluation of different fish groups and with historic data automatically generate new weight and mortality forecasts. The precision of the forecasts are further enhanced by including daily environment, mortality and growth data. The benefit of high precision and modeling fish groups independently is clearly displayed through dispositions created by Bioplan's optimization.
Fast Optimization
From the smolt facility to harvested product, Bioplan's optimization helps you through allmost all. We can't help you to tie knots, but we will deliver optimized stocking and harvest dispositions that will assist you in improving the production results. Through our advanced growth and mortality forecasting we are now able to deliver short term harvest optimization. The optimization uses advanced purpose built heuristic models to greatly decrease the optimization time so the user will get their optimization results within minutes. If you want to make smaller changes to your plan you can also instantly choose between harvest recommendations (from our recommendation engine that always is looking for improvements as new data is recorded on your sites).

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