AI-powered production planning for aquaculture

We help farmers make better decisions by bringing together data and optimization
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EBIT Increase
100 000 000
Your annual harvest volume:
50 000
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Higher Growth
Lower mortality.
Higher SUP rate.
Higher MAB utilization.

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Farm the right fish

Confidently plan your operations and maximize your potential with our precise algorithms. From your high level strategy down to the final adjustments to your plan.
Instant harvest recommendations
All your fish groups rated on key metrics for harvest
Your plan always up to date and optimized
Adjust your plan manually and let the optimization take care of the rest
Optimization that works
Allows you to optimize the requirements from sales, operations and the regulators

Decisions based on the
best data available

Advanced prediction models for growth and mortality trained on your data
Customer data
Integrated data on biology, sales and logistics in one platform.
Predicions & Forecasts
Adapting to historic events and the current situations, in order to accurately forecast the future.
Business rules
The tailored solution gets created based on your business rules and needs.
Optimal solution
You get the power of AI to make optimal decisions throughout the value chain.

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user interface

Web based solution, easily available from any location. Modern and intuitive user interface that simplifies your workflow.